Organizing Committee

Make yourself acquainted with the Organizing Committee (Core Committee)

We, the organizing committee are doing best for a sweet and memorable evening on 14th April 2012. Poila Boishak evening will be filled up with events coming straight from individuals amongst us. They will enrich the colours of the events.
Taking out time from our daily life and spending that on this program trying to make every aspect successful; these enthusiasm amongst us and from the participants will certainly make a grand event. Even we are not in West Bengal, these enthusiasms come directly from our heart as because we are still 100% Bengali.
We need to do lot of things, hall booking, food arrangement, stage, technical aspects and many others... our committee members are doing their respective job and most of them has been done because the event is very much near. To add, without our members help we cannot do anything especially their support on the events.
Here are the lists of Committee Members for the year 1419 with their picture, names, roles & responsibility.

Special Thanks goes to Snehangshu Bhusan Pal, Sailik Mandal and Sourav Banerjee
Devjit ChoudhuryDevjit ChoudhuryProgram Supervisor MirzaMirzaProgram Supervisor
Souvik NandiSouvik NandiProgram Advisor Arnab RayArnab RayProgram Advisor
Sajib BiswaSajib BiswasEvent Supervisor Parijat RoyParijat RoyTechnical Supervisor
Sandip BhattacharyyaSandip BhattacharyyaTechnical Advisor Abhik SahaAbhik SahaCultural Organizer
Sandipan BanerjeeSandipan BanerjeeCultural Organizer Subhayan BhattacharyyaSubhayan BhattacharyyaCultural Organizer
Suvankar DasSuvankar DasCultural Organizer Koeli MoulikKoeli MoulikCultural Organizer
Debarun PaulDebarun PaulEvent Organizer Prasad ShibaPrasad ShibaEvent Organizer
Abhiron BhattacharyaAbhiron BhattacharyaCultural Organizer Soumik ChaudhuriSoumik ChaudhuriCultural Organizer
Tanay BoseTanay BoseCultural Organizer Somnath PaulSomnath PaulEvent Organizer
Sayantan NayakSayantan NayakCultural Organizer Kaushik ChandaKaushik ChandaEvent Organizer
Avishek DasAvishek DasEvent Organizer Debanjan ChakrabortyDebanjan ChakrabortyEvent & Cultural Organizer
Prachi BhattacharyaPrachi BhattacharyaCultural Organizer